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Talking to Your Kids about the Sermon

Our church is in the midst of shoring up ways to minister to and shepherd the many children God has blessed our small church with. We are one of those weird churches that only has a nursery for children ages 3 and under; after that, the kids come right on in to “big church.” There are a number of reasons that we do this, and there are a number of obstacles to doing this. One of the greatest obstacles is helping folks work through the inner are-they-getting-it debate.

As it turns out, everyone I have had the opportunity to talk with has been pretty amazed at how much the kids do get while sitting in “big church.” I have had kids from our church sit down and explain the ins-and-outs of the gospel, the Lord’s supper, and particular passages as well as many adults and some seminary students could. However, we are always still wrestling through the various issues of making disciples of our children. In this vein, here is a great article by another PCA church planter specifically about talking with your kids about the sermon.

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Kind of Funny; Kind of True

Dr. Carl Trueman is a church history professor at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He can be a bit vitriolic and cynical regarding American culture, combining the perspectives an historian, a finely tuned British cynic, and a commitment to thoroughly reformed biblical ethics. Nonetheless, he often asks some good questions and makes some good points that we would do good to think about. Here is an article he recently wrote asking questions about our most sacred cow, the Super Bowl.

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