1. No matter what area of your life you are looking at, you think that you are doing everything you can and it is not enough.

2. When you are forced to admit that you are not capable of getting everything done at the level you feel you can or should, you blame others or your situation.

3. You are judgemental of everyone and everything to the point that even your sympathy curtails into critical observations about the situation.

4. You are constantly comparing yourself and your situation to others whom you respect or who appear to have accomplished what you want to appear to have accomplished, and you are constantly trying to figure out what you need to change to look like the one to whom you are comparing yourself.

5. You are anxious.

6. You are insecure.

7. You are never wrong.

8. You are unchallengeable.

9. You think God is pleased with you.

10. When someone close to you challenges your sparse or non-existent prayer life and time in Scripture, you respond by saying something stupid like, “You know how busy I am, what am I supposed to stop doing in order to have a quiet time, sleeping?”

11. You struggle to enjoy things that should be easily enjoyed.

12. Everything you are involved in must be perfect or you get frustrated and angry.

13. You love hearing about and find comfort in the failures of others.

14. The view you have of yourself is incongruous with the view others have of you, and you can’t imagine how others could think of you differently than you think of yourself.

15. You use words like “incongruous” even though you have to look them up to make sure they mean what you think they mean.

16. You think that the only limit to how good you could be in your particular field are the limits you are forced to accept because of external factors.

17. You are scared not to say everything you could because then folks might not know what you are capable of.

18. You are perfectly comfortable with others having a higher than realistic view about you, but will go to any length possible to ensure that no one has a lower than realistic view about you.

19. You are unloving.

The law is a crushing weight. It will crush you, and you will crush others in your fleshy attempts to keep it. Look to Christ, and rest. “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery” (Galatians 5.1, ESV).