Lord willing, Bradford and Kristina Green will be moving to Conway to begin RUF in a matter of months. There are a number of reasons that I am (and you should be too) very excited about this, but two are at the forefront.

First, having hung out with Bradford and Kristina, I have found them to be exceptionally gracious people who are excited about Jesus and have a desire to see college students walking by faith in Christ, and I like hanging around folks like that. Also, and not totally unrelated, anyone you can lose your cookies in front of and still have a good time with is good people in my book.

Second, RUF has a robust theology which has not redefined or ignored or completely jettisoned its ecclesiology. Dr. Russell Moore has written a very good article on this topic. You can read that article here, and I encourage you to do so.

Please join me in prayer for Bradford and Kristina. Over the next few months, they will both graduate from seminary, Bradford will take written and oral ordination exams, they will attend RUF training, they will move from Charlotte, NC to Conway, AR, and they will be working to raise a lot of money. I am sure there are lots of other things they will be doing as well, but that list is more than enough to keep life interesting.