I am super excited to be leading the adult Sunday School class this fall.  We will be looking at Tim Keller’s “Gospel in Life” study. “This study pulls together what Keller believes are the primary themes of the Bible: gospel-centered living, dethroning idols as the key to real growth, love for the city, personal growth through community, generous giving, etc. It will provide a medium to work out these key biblical disciplines. “Gospel in Life” is a fresh application of timeless ancient truths.”  I think we all struggle at times with how to live in light of all the truths that we hear and know.  How does the Gospel practically impact my life everyday?  I hope this study will help us as a individuals and as a community think through how to practice “Gospel in Life”.  Please make plans to attend 9:00 Sunday morning.   This week we will look at Colossians chapter 1.
See you there!